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Various prints

Bar La Halte

La Halte bar presents erotic shows with daily themes. The owner of the bar hired Jim to design event posters for each day's new theme. Pleased with the results, he then hired Jim to create tickets for special events.

Bar La Halte

Efficient and Versatile Template

I was first requested to create five posters. To keep things consistent, I designed an original template that could easily be adapted to any event. In order to differentiate each day's event, the picture and the color of the posters were altered and a few distinctive elements were added.

Bar La Halte

Special Events

Here is an example of a special event : to celebrate the Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the bar hosted an event featuring the adult entertainment star Heidi Van Horny. The original poster was altered so the colors would represent the French Canadian Holiday.

Bar La Halte

Tickets for Special Events

Different tickets were created for every event. To maintain consistency, the tickets had a similar design to the posters.

Bar La Halte


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