Services for Businesses

Outdated website? Can’t stand your old logo anymore? With Jim’s collaboration, you will benefit from exemplary quality and incomparable service.

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Outsourcing Services for Agencies

Your agency has fallen victim to your success? Trust your work overload to me with the guarantee of a quality job done quickly.

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From web to graphic design, from print to promotional items, Jim is proud to promote projects made for his clients.

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How to quickly make a poll using PHP and jQuery, part one

It is actually pretty easy to create a polling system by yourself for your website. In the first part of this post, you will learn how to do it and in the upcoming second part, you will learn how to push it to the next level to fulfill your specific needs. It is now…

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Creative process of making a brand logo

When anyone thinks about the word “logo”, images of big brands automatically stand out in their mind. Why do these brand logos mark our folklore so much and more importantly, how to replicate this success in your own work? Here at Jim, there are many steps…

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