Who is Jim?

Jim, your Creative Professional!

I founded Jim (formerly named jimmyhoule.net) in 2014 after a short passage as an employee of the web industry. Having closely frequented the discordant world of web agencies, I chose to do business differently. Working the assembly line? Not for me.

Jim is the solution to your web design, brand image, and all related challenges. Located between the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, to Jim, you will never be just a number on a long list. With Jim, I specialize in the creation of entirely customazible projects. My collaborators and I have as a mission to provide you with a quality product that lives up to your ambitions.

Together, let’s Make your Competitors Look Pale in Comparison!

Jim is evolving in a competitive industry that’s always expanding, where creativity and innovation are essential. In a fiercely competitive environment, both in business and on the web, it is particularly important to surround yourself with creative and experienced people possessing a unique and sought-after vision for your project. Jim begins each project by thoroughly analyzing your competitors so that you can truly distinguish yourself from everything else on the market.

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Big Agencies Place their Trust in Jim. Why don’t You ?

Over the years, I developed relationships with many web agencies that now trust me with their own clients. For web design, for visual creations or for consultations, Jim is an efficient subcontractor prized by web agencies who entrust him with several projects of their clientele’s.

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2014 - Beginning of jimmyhoule.net as full-time freelancer

2015 - Collaboration as a subcontractor on a project prized at the Gémeaux

2016 - Jim leaves his mark all over Québec for clients from Gaspésie to Grand Montréal

2018 - Achieved goal of 200 successfully completed projects

2019 - Major redesign of brand image and creation of Jim

2020 - Addition of drone services

A few numbers...

Over 5 years of experience as a freelancer

Over 300 completed projects

Over 40 satisfied clients

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